Types of courses

Courses are open to anyone who requires English for personal or professional/business reasons and wishes to acquire:

1. Communication skills in English, particularly pronunciation
2. A sound knowledge of English grammar and structures
3. A reading knowledge of English for literary and non-literary purposes
4. An ability to write with confidence in the English Language
5. A deeper understanding of the life and culture of the British people

- Business Communications / Conversation / Presentation
- Business Terminology / Correspondence
- Telephone Techniques and Practice
- Pronunciation
- Comprehension / Writing / Vocabulary Expansion
- Conversation / Discussion / Current Affairs
- Conversation / Communication Skills / Everyday Situations
- Intensive English for Beginners
- Intensive General English Revision: Intermediate / Advanced
- Examination Preparation for Cambridge Certificate / Study Skills
- General English for Au Pairs
- Study of English Literature

Fees and Enrolment

Fees vary according to the length and the course offered. They are competitive and considering the highly specialised individual tuition given they are very reasonable. Short Intensive Courses for 6-15 hours a week are offered at discounted rates according to type and length of course. Please contact the Course Director for information.

Enrolment is easy !

Please telephone the Course Director on 020 7833 0569/01732 361255 or,
e-mail us for an appointment when we can discuss the best course for you to study.
This service is free of charge. Alternatively you may complete the enrolment form
and e-mail it to us. The Course Director will contact you.

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