Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in offering specialist courses to fulfil the needs of those students who have difficulty in obtaining courses to satisfy their particular requirements. We understand the demands and stresses which working in the City creates. Our aim is to make learning as easy as possible for you and with this in mind we offer an outreach programme. We can arrange for our tutors to come to your office or workplace which will save you time an is more economical. However, should you prefer to come to us, we can organise this for you. We know the problems in finding a suitable course at a convenient time. Our courses offer flexibility and individuality an we will arrange a time and length of course which is best for you.

Our Experience

Our experience in teaching English since 1990 has covered all ages and positions from children aged 12 preparing for examinations to Managing Directors requiring pronunciation improvement and presentation. We have had contracts with some of the most prestigious companies in the City of London as well as teaching students attending universities or collages and helping Au Pairs with communication skills and general English.


Our tutors are qualified and experienced. Thorough their experience they have gained a great understanding of the needs of individual students and are able to help the students with their particular problems. We carefully match each tutor to their student so that the student feels at ease.


Our students come from all over the world. They are of all ages. Some need our lessons to help them with their career advancement, whilst other wish to improve their English for everyday purposes. Maybe they intend to live there or wish to travel. Other students wish to have language support for examination purposes. With the variation of our courses students find our classes extremely helpful and many return to us for continuing lessons.

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